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On March 11, 2017, election results for 5 states were announced. One party won, other lost. All the hullabaloo for the past few months suddenly changed in to silence, deep enough. Major party of India currently, named Bhartiya Janata Party or BJP, synonymus to Hindutva for some, Anti-Dalit/Muslim for some, had much on stake, so did its main leader & Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi (Don’t call me Bhakt just for using ‘Shri’ before PM’s Name. He is PM, he deserves it). They won historically in UP/UK, almost there in Manipur & Goa, but lost in Punjab, mostly because of SAD (Shiromani Akali Dal). 

But I am not writing to praise PM, but I have a different focus. One person, who suddenly came into horizon of politics 6 years ago, with campaign known as Anti-Corruption Movement ran by Shri Anna Hazare, who made a party soon after, who was the torchbearer(?) of honesty & clean politics, who targets BJP, accuses & abuses PM every morning on social media (where everyone else starts with good morning), who’s party members & supporters had the worst language for politics & who never left any chance to humiliate the current Central Government, has lost.

He not only lost, its a humiliating defeat for a party who’s members boasts of being almost angels on earth. A defeat, which can be remembered for, if not ages, atleast for some time. With this defeat, they are, for now, silent on social media

They acquired 0 seats in Goa & 20 seats in Punjab, 2 states where they were winning with overwhelming, whopping votes & definitely forming governments, as they did in Delhi two years ago. Isn’t that overconfidence, unless you have true knowledge of reality? That person, either didnt know the truth, or ignored it, had to pay the price.

There were many factors were in play, according to me. First & foremost, his work for his state Delhi. Being a Chief Minister, he has totally ignored it. For the past two years, he went to Dadri, to Hyderabad, where some unfortunate incidents happened & where he can show the present government in bad light. Whereas the Delhi state govt employees were not getting their salaries on time, constant tiff with the former Lieutenant Governer, & now with the new LG, played against him. Secondly, his sole purpose is to accuse PM, in any thing whatsoever. I feel, he couldn’t digest losing to him in Varanasi by a margin of 3.5 lac votes in General Elections in 2014.

In my opinion, he seems to be hungry for power, satta ka bhookha. Which he showed from time to time, you can see it too, if you have an eye for details. First, he became CM of Delhi in 2013, then after only 49 days in office, he resigned, & fought GE, ofcourse to become PM of India, he lost. He came back, apologised to Delhi, made promises (many are not fulfilled till now, unless I am wrong), became CM again. From there on he is complaining on & on, from LG to Delhi Police & so on. 

Then they contested elections in Punjab, & I am not sure, but if he had hopes for becoming CM of Punjab, it will not be exaggeration. All in all, he is a selfish leader, who only thinks of becoming a powerful one. Like, if being CM is powerful, he will try to become one, if being PM is powerful, he will try for it & if position of President is more powerful then he will try for that too. He wanted to be a leader, with everything is in his hands, where he can enjoy power, with no questions from anyone, most likely a dictator. 

I am, personally, very happy that he lost. Not because I love BJP, I can support Congres too in his case. Because, despite of being old parties in politics & main opponents to each other, BJP & Congress always maintained a decorum, tehzeeb, in politics, which AAP lacked. From using vernacular language on public platform to shameful trends on social media abusing our PM, was more than worst for a political party. If you are against a party or its ideology, you have the right to speak against it, but nobody has the right to abuse its leader with whatsoever words. Questioning a party is good, but asking proof from the National Army not. 

This party, its supporters had used such a downtrodden language, which is not only below the dignity of politics, but even a normal person might not use it. Jaitley ki Ketli, Churanchap Bhakts, is not the level of language you would expect from a political party, its more of street language. 

With the defeat of AAP, people had rejected their kind of politics, that is evident. It also broke the hopes of its leader of becoming a national hero. With piling up of cases of defamation against him plus dissatisfaction of the people of Delhi & employees under state government, his chances of winning other states such as M.P. & Gujrat are not only impossible, but even chances of winning MCD elections are very grim.

I am not god & because time is the biggest player in politics, it will be better if we wait for these election results too. But what I am sure of, he now has only Delhi in his hand, which may also be lost in next elections in 2020, if he didnt change his lines.



A Piece

Today there was a March For Unity, by ex-Servicemen which came in large numbers, about 20,000 or more, which was to show India is one united county. Why we need this, was the first question I came up with, Why? It all started a few days ago, when there was an anti-Indian sloganeering in a Central University, in which slogans raised to divide India into parts & destroy it. And they almost succeeded, because people are divided on this sensitive issue.

Being an Indian, it deeply pained me to hear about this incident, which although I am use to hear it from Pakistan, but was shocking when it emanated from my own country. Since this incident, all views & counter-views started flowing in, people stood with them, people stood against. One person is behind bars, one is absconding. They are labelled as traitors, I don’t want to go in to this.

A terrorist who attacked Parliament or masterminded it, got caught, went through a fair trial ( & of course it was a fair & just trial, may what one think), hanged after looking at every aspect, was hailed as martyr & people started questioning court decision, which itself is an offence. For me, its an injustice to real martyrs who got killed saving this motherland, whether on border or anywhere on this land.

There is one other thing, India is intolerant Nation. There is no Freedom of Expression or Speech. And those advocating this, are doing so by mediums of press conference. Should I laugh, write Lol or Rofl?? Where people are using terms such as ‘Jumla’ for our honorable Prime Minister or running trend such as #ModiBhagaoDeshBachao, does there be any restriction on any freedom, it is on the contrary called ‘Misuse’ of Freedom given to us. If it happened in any other country, doers would have been inside jail, no questions asked.

India is going through a tough phase, but people should understand, India although divided on physical lines, it cannot be divided internally, it is almost impossible. This country has a history of more than 10,000 yrs, it was there when there were no one & will be there when there will be no one. People came, attacked India & destroyed in this process, but India remained stood.

We are known by our country. When I was transiting through Egypt in 2012, I was greeted by ‘Namaste’ by the attendant who was checking my passport. Or when I was on vacation on west coast of Mexico & introduced myself to a French guy, he said ‘India!!’. That felt proud mate.

So, one should remember, a terrorist is a terrorist, killing 9 or 200 people, than surrendering doesn’t exempt you from your past actions or make you a martyr. Believe in your nation & believe, that there is nothing called ‘Judicious Killing’.

What some people are doing, is damaging the image of India, on an international level. But, we are a strong nation who has greatest ability to stand again after falling & I am proud of this virtue of my country.

We are largest democracy, most tolerant country I ever heard about & is greatest nation of all times. So, stop questioning the country on national matters. If you have problem with a particular party, (saffron, to be more precise) who is in power, or your loyalty lies with another older party, you have every right to have your views, but does not enable you to justify traitors, who eat food of this land, who drink water from this land, who breathe in its air but say ‘Bhookha Nanga Hindustan, Jaan Se Pyara Pakistan’. That hurts.

You should know, we are from this country, not country from us. Feel proud to be an Indian or if you have problem living here, you are totally free to go to either a doomed country who is going down since 1970 & became a failed state today or anywhere in this world.

In conclusion, I wish & hope that we shouldn’t need any March for Unity in future, to show us as a one country, because for me, we are one & we will be always. It doesn’t need any proof every quarter of a year.


Suryavanshi Maryada Purshottam Shri Ramchandra

This is my first blog post, so I thought to start with one person, whom I admire more than anyone else. One person who I take it as role model & I like to walk on the path, which he treaded about 7000 yrs ago. I, for the past 2 years, had this person or Bhagwan sitting in my mind.

It was November 13, 2012. I heard statement from a noted Supreme Court lawyer telling to the media that he doesn’t consider Ram as a good husband, because he left his wife, when she was pregnant. I laughed at this statement, because I saw loopholes in his statement. First, that it was a shallow comment. At that time, I compare previous instances involving Shri Ram. I thought that this person, came 7000 yrs ago, lived his life, killed Ravana, had its good & bad times, & went away. Does fighting over him makes any sense? For me, he might be laughing over these issues.

So, with this thought I went to sleep. In my dream, I saw Shri Ram, Laxman & Sita, & I was standing in front of them, with my head bowed down as a mark of respect. They were in their vanwaas, in their saffron colour clothes. Ram & Laxman were standing & Sita was sitting, on what is called a stump of tree. Laxman had a fruit, which he took a bite, than handed it over to Sita, who had another bite & then gave it to Ram. Ram after taking over the third bite, gave it to me, which I took it as a prasad, & ask me to eat it.

In that dream, I saw the respect which was shown to Ram, by his family, that even a fruit which he received should not be a bad one. In the morning, when I woke up, I brood over this dream, & from this time, Ram became a kind of central figure in my mind.

From then on, Ram & me had many encounters, ofcourse in dreams & I love the fact that he is so humble a person that he used to come to me. This was his greatness, which unfortunately, many people failed to recognise & understand. But he got a fan for sure & I got a role model in him after Shri Krishna.

I am going to write more on this topic & I think it should be sooner as I have more things to say which came up in last few months & with this conclusion, I finish my first post.

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