A Piece

Today there was a March For Unity, by ex-Servicemen which came in large numbers, about 20,000 or more, which was to show India is one united county. Why we need this, was the first question I came up with, Why? It all started a few days ago, when there was an anti-Indian sloganeering in a Central University, in which slogans raised to divide India into parts & destroy it. And they almost succeeded, because people are divided on this sensitive issue.

Being an Indian, it deeply pained me to hear about this incident, which although I am use to hear it from Pakistan, but was shocking when it emanated from my own country. Since this incident, all views & counter-views started flowing in, people stood with them, people stood against. One person is behind bars, one is absconding. They are labelled as traitors, I don’t want to go in to this.

A terrorist who attacked Parliament or masterminded it, got caught, went through a fair trial ( & of course it was a fair & just trial, may what one think), hanged after looking at every aspect, was hailed as martyr & people started questioning court decision, which itself is an offence. For me, its an injustice to real martyrs who got killed saving this motherland, whether on border or anywhere on this land.

There is one other thing, India is intolerant Nation. There is no Freedom of Expression or Speech. And those advocating this, are doing so by mediums of press conference. Should I laugh, write Lol or Rofl?? Where people are using terms such as ‘Jumla’ for our honorable Prime Minister or running trend such as #ModiBhagaoDeshBachao, does there be any restriction on any freedom, it is on the contrary called ‘Misuse’ of Freedom given to us. If it happened in any other country, doers would have been inside jail, no questions asked.

India is going through a tough phase, but people should understand, India although divided on physical lines, it cannot be divided internally, it is almost impossible. This country has a history of more than 10,000 yrs, it was there when there were no one & will be there when there will be no one. People came, attacked India & destroyed in this process, but India remained stood.

We are known by our country. When I was transiting through Egypt in 2012, I was greeted by ‘Namaste’ by the attendant who was checking my passport. Or when I was on vacation on west coast of Mexico & introduced myself to a French guy, he said ‘India!!’. That felt proud mate.

So, one should remember, a terrorist is a terrorist, killing 9 or 200 people, than surrendering doesn’t exempt you from your past actions or make you a martyr. Believe in your nation & believe, that there is nothing called ‘Judicious Killing’.

What some people are doing, is damaging the image of India, on an international level. But, we are a strong nation who has greatest ability to stand again after falling & I am proud of this virtue of my country.

We are largest democracy, most tolerant country I ever heard about & is greatest nation of all times. So, stop questioning the country on national matters. If you have problem with a particular party, (saffron, to be more precise) who is in power, or your loyalty lies with another older party, you have every right to have your views, but does not enable you to justify traitors, who eat food of this land, who drink water from this land, who breathe in its air but say ‘Bhookha Nanga Hindustan, Jaan Se Pyara Pakistan’. That hurts.

You should know, we are from this country, not country from us. Feel proud to be an Indian or if you have problem living here, you are totally free to go to either a doomed country who is going down since 1970 & became a failed state today or anywhere in this world.

In conclusion, I wish & hope that we shouldn’t need any March for Unity in future, to show us as a one country, because for me, we are one & we will be always. It doesn’t need any proof every quarter of a year.



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